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External Line Marking & Floor Painting Systems

Our Line-marking and Floor Painting systems have been developed to offer the best in durability for industrial and logistic applications. We offer solutions designed to match your floor type and warehouse environment, ranging from ambient and chilled to freezer. Our systems are installed with minimal disruption to your operation. Typical applications are marking of warehouses, 5S workplaces, car-parks, safety areas and walkways, lorry parks, symbols and alpha/numeric stencils – in any location where a long lasting, durable image is required.

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    Duraline 1 and 2 Pack Epoxy External line marking.

    • Duraline Line marking is a 1 or 2 Pack Epoxy Paint applied directly to concrete. Full curing for heavy traffic will take in excess of 6 hours and 24 hours at +10°C respectively. The curing process makes Duraline much more durable than many conventional line marking paints, offering a 2 pack minimum expected lifespan of 2-3 years use even in heavy traffic conditions – minimising costly remarking and touch-up regimes.
    • Relatively quick installation – up to 1000 metres per day
    • Ideal for trailer parking, hatched areas and Tramline Walkways
    • Full installation by inotec technical teams

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    MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) External line marking.

    • MMA (Cold Plastic) is a two component road marking paint. It is an extremely durable product used at high stress traffic locations such as roundabouts, junctions and heavily trafficked roads.
    • Very hard Heard wearing
    • Last up to 3 times longer than traditional thermoplastics on tarmac or 2 pack on concrete.
    • Very fast cure times
    • Up to 500 metres/day
    • Full installation by inotec technical teams
    • MMA Ultraline used for pedestrian crossings with anti slip texture.

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    Preformed Thermoplastic External line marking.

    • Traditional road marking, melted onto tarmac for localised thermoplastic repairs.
    • FP strong primer used for added adhesion
    • Pedestrian panels, disabled signs, speed limits, arrows, Company  Logos, all available to order.
    • Very fast cure times

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