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Industrial Labels - Quality is the key

Industrial Labels

use a wide range of high-quality innovative materials to suit any application:

  • Plastics (polyester, acrylic film, PP, PE)
  • Paper
  • Aluminium or stainless steel
  • Ceramic

Our specialist adhesives, which undergo extensive testing in our own laboratory, guarantee that the industrial labels have a long lasting adhesion to any surface, such as plastic, metal, stone and wood.

The labels adhere to:

  • rough and uneven surfaces
  • low-energy substances
  • high-energy substances
  • rounded and curved surfaces
  • slightly soiled areas

and are resistant to:

  • high-pressure cleaning
  • washing processes
  • weak chemicals and solutions
  • soap suds

Our diffusion-free and medically harmless adhesives are FDA and BgVV approved. These are certified for use in direct contact to with dry or moist, non-oily foodstuffs.

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