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RFID Labels and RFID Tags

We offer a wide range of permanent and flexible RFID labels (RFID tags) – for tracking multiple-use totes, crates, containers and pallets. We convert RFID inlays with a wide range of materials and adhesives, customised to your application.

RFID is an acronym for radio-frequency identification. RFID technology uses radio frequencies as opposed to an optical laser used by barcode scanners. RFID uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. At a simple level, an RFID system consists of a tiny radio transponder, a radio receiver and a transmitter.

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    RFID Labels - HF & UHF

    INO-TAG is the name of our flexible RFID label range, which we offer in a range of materials including: paper, polyester and polycarbonate. Our RFID labels can be supplied fully printed in full colour and encoded or blank for subsequent in-house printing and encoding, using RFID enabled thermal transfer printers. We also convert RFID inlays into a wide range of durable, permanent and flexible RFID smart label constructions, with a choice of adhesives matched to your application. inotec RFID labels allow fast accurate automatic identification of objects without the need for contact or ‘line-of sight’ scanning

    • Supplied blank or pre-printed and encoded
    • Durable constructions for indoor and outdoor use
    • Choice of materials and adhesives to match your application

    RFID HardTags

    – all frequencies inotec offer a wide range of RFID Hard Tags in all frequencies and to suit any RFID application. Many are suitable for high temperature and on metal applications. Our transponders are protected by a special rugged plastic casing, which makes them ideal asset identification in harsh environments, industrial and logistic processes. Hard Tags can supplied in many formats and sizes with blank chips or fully encoded with your data. Human readable and barcode information can be added directly to the casings or by utilising our range of durable label solutions.

    • All frequencies
    • Wide range of formats and sizes
    • High temperature and On-metal solutions

    On-Metal Solutions

    inotec has for many years offered on-metal Hard Tag RFID warehouse solutions. We have now developed two new low profile, flexible, on-metal label solutions to add greater flexibility to our range. The inotag Flex on metal Tag has been developed to offer a very low profile (less than 2mm) with the flexibility and durability to be applied directly to metal assets, even those with uneven or difficult profiles. inotag Flex on metal Spacer Tag is finished with an even stronger industrial foam adhesive which gives this Tag a larger profile 4.7mm. This however also offers an increased level of durability enhancing the resistance to wash processes, heat and cold, as well as strong shearing forces, vibrations and mechanical damage.

    • Pump Motors / Valves
    • Roll Cages / Pallets
    • Gas Cylinders / Beer Kegs / Fire Ass
    • Wheel Rims / Tubes and Pipes