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The inotec Staff


Our team of highly motivated staff have a wealth of experience in the labelling, AutoID and logistics industries.

With innovative products and a ‘can do’ attitude, inotec have become a preferred supplier to the Warehouse and Distribution industry, specifying and developing logistics labelling concepts, individual Auto ID solutions, warehouse floor markings and identification.

Our expertise and experience allow us to inform and advise from an early stage in your

project development.

Call our team to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you to achieve a solution which will work the first time and every time in your application.

Team member

David Stocker

Sales Director
Team member

Anja Maes

Administration Director
Team member

Julian Rushbrook

Northern Sales Manager
Team member

Steve Towler

Southern Sales Manager
Team member

Sam Wileman

Customer Service
Team member

Katie Wheeler

Team member

Beckie Taylor

Finance Assistant
Team member

Stuart Hall

Install Manager