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Overhead Identification for Bulk Locations

For identification of high stack and block stack warehouse operations. Our Retroreflective material allows barcodes to be scanned at over 12m in height. Using pre-formed warehouse hanging signs, the barcode is presented at the ideal angle for fast, accurate readability.

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    The Inorail system offers a very durable and flexible solution for bulk locations that are hard to identify. With two sides presented at a 45°-degree angle to the floor, the Inorail is designed for easy scanning from both sides. Fitted with our durable retro-reflective labels, scan distances of 15 metres can be achieved. Suspended from the ceiling, the Inorail can easily be adjusted to the ideal height and offers a more solid and stable platform to present barcode labels and additional human readable flat signs.

    • Solid stable platform
    • Highly Visible and an ideal marker for loading docks and platforms
    • Enables fast accurate barcode scanning from up to 15m
    • Full installation by inotec technical teams.

    Pole & Cable Hanging Sign systems

    Inotec offer a wide range of pole and cable hanging systems to create clearly organized and professional looking identification solutions, even in the most difficult spaces. High ceilings, narrow aisles and areas with poor lighting conditions, can all be clearly identified using our durable and flexible hanging sign solutions. With the addition of our high quality UV resistant and retro-reflective labels – we can ensure reliable data capture and tracking. Angled hanging signs offer greater scanning flexibility, whilst our flat signs and standard sizes offer an inexpensive solution for restricted budgets

    • Cable and Pole solutions to fit any space
    • Custom designed and installed to your own specification
    • Huge range of sign and label options
    • Solutions to match your budget

    Hanging Sign Options

    We offer a wide range of Flat or Angled signage solutions. Pre-formed angled signs present barcode labels at the ideal angle for accurate scanning from the ground. Retro-reflective labels can be used to achieve accurate scanning distances of up to 15m. Flat and Angled signs can be produced in a range of colours and custom print designs and layouts. Flat signs made from lightweight durable foamex – offer a cost effective identification solution.

    • Solutions designed for accurate scanning up to 15m
    • Customised colours, label prints and layouts
    • Durable and cost effective solutions