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Floor Identification for Bulk Locations

We offer you a range of processes. Use the Diomaster adhesive labels for simple loads, or the FloorBlock set for greater loads caused by forklift traffic. There is also the option of sinking barcode labels into the warehouse floor (Floortag).

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    The inotec Floortag system is the most durable floor barcode on the market.

    It consists of a super-durable aluminium plate, which has the barcode and human readable text photocomposed into the metal. This plate is then recessed slightly below the floor surface and sealed with a tough polyester resin.

    • Extremely resistant to damage from heavy fork lift truck traffic
    • Excellent read quality with high definition printing
    • Designed for fast accurate barcode scanning from truck mounted readers
    • Compatible with high-pressure cleaning agents and other detergents
    • Full installation by inotec technical teams

    Floorblock® Kits

    The Floorblock Kit consists of a rigid aluminium base plate (engineered with a label recess) which can be screwed directly to the floor. This comes complete with a choice of durable adhesive barcode label options. The Floorblock Alu kit comes with a solid 2mm base plate and the increased durability of a photocomposed 0.8mm Aluminium adhesive label. The Floorblock HD4 version has a base plate thickness of 4mm, fitted with an under-surface printed polycarbonate label. The Floorblock can be used inside or outside and fixed to all types of flooring, including concrete, steel sheet, and wooden boarding.

    • Resistant to high traffic of vehicles and cleaning processes
    • Designed to protect against tearing
    • Quick and easy installation by your own engineers
    • Available with aluminium or durable printed synthetic labels
    • Can be repositioned and reused in new locations and with new labels

    Floor labels

    Our aluminium and undersurface printed polycarbonate floor labels are extremely durable and scratch resistant. The materials and manufacturing process mean they can withstand extreme weather conditions and are fully water-resistant. This means they can be used indoor or outdoor in any harsh
    environment. Suitable for lighter mechanical loads, they are extremely resistant to foot traffic and will withstand repeated washing and weathering. Our range of adhesives can guarantee a strong bond to any surface.

    • Resistant to lighter loads and foot traffic
    • Withstand repeated washing and weathering
    • Strong adhesion to any surface

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