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Asset, Inventory and Security Labelling

For accurate Inventory control, all items must be recorded precisely. Our versatile asset, inventory and security labels make this task easier. With durable barcodes applied to the items, fast, accurate identification leads to extremely accurate stocktaking.

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Asset Labels

Digital print labels

Using the latest digital print technology we can offer personalised labels with your company logo, unlimited colours and a serialised barcodes. Under surface printing makes the barcode durable and scratch-proof. An additional tamper evident feature can be added with special cutting tools that prevent the labels from being removed without being destroyed.

Metal labels
These extremely durable labels have barcode or QR Code information photocomposed into the metal. Particularly long-lasting, weather-resistant and ideal for outdoor use.

Ceramic labels
These labels, made from ceramic, can withstand temperatures up to 1,400°C making them ideal for ovens, autoclaves and other cleaning and sterilisation processes. These labels are also resistant to chemicals and solvents and can be permanently fired or fitted to machinery, stillages, parts and tools.

Inventory Labels

Diotough labels
The Diotough label is extremely durable. The materials and manufacturing process mean they can withstand extreme weather conditions and are fully water-resistant. This means they can be used indoor or outdoor in harsh environments. They can be used on hire equipment, outdoor assets and will withstand repeated washing and weathering. Click here to visit Diomaster.

Security Labels

Lotus finish
This special process makes it impossible to write over or deface the barcode!

Special film and processing means that the label can only be removed in small fragments. This film is also available as a blank material

Labels for Document Identification
our high-quality adhesives offer excellent adhesion on various surfaces.

Click here to view Produce verification and Protection labels – inoVerify Solutions.