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Racking & Shelf Labels, Label Holders, Warehouse Signs

We offer formats for all shelving and racking types. All our labels can be colour coordinated per level. Complete compatibility with the pick-by-voice system. Also used with the multilevel labels to colour coordinate and manage high stack racking systems.

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    Multilevel Labels

    Colour-coded Upright and Cross-Beam Multilevel barcode labels simplify the management of racking locations in your warehouse

    • Identification of levels using different coordinated colours
    • Applied at eye level to uprights or crossbeams for ease of scanning
    • No need for long-range scanners
    • Excellent scan quality with high definition printing
    • Designed for fast accurate barcode scanning from truck mounted readers
    • Full installation by inotec technical teams

    Single Location Labels and Shelf Labels

    Our labels can be matched to suit all shelving and racking types in any environment: Freezer, Chill, Inside or Outdoor. With a wide range of materials, colours and adhesives we will design the labels to fit your application and budget. Our labels offer complete compatibility with pick-by-voice systems and can be used with the multilevel labels to colour coordinate and manage high stack racking systems. Magnetic, retro-reflective and durable laminated options are available.

    Label Holders

    Our label holders are sturdy and durable solutions in fast flowing Warehouse and Retail pick operations. Applied to flat steel cross beams or shelving lengths, the label holders come with clear PVC covers protecting the label from dirt, grease and scratches, whilst still enabling barcode scanning. We offer Magnetic and Adhesive fixing options in C and U profiles. All profiles can be cut to your required length.

    • For quick changing Warehouse and Retail pick systems
    • Adhesive or Magnetic fixing
    • C and U Profiles – cut to length

    Warehouse Signs

    We offer a wide range of Flat or Angled signage solutions. Pre-formed angled signs present barcode labels at the ideal angle for accurate scanning from the ground. Retro-reflective labels can be used to achieve accurate scanning distances of up to 15m. Flat and Angled signs can be produced in a range of colours and custom print designs and layouts. Flat signs made from lightweight durable foamex – offer a cost effective identification solution.

    • Hanging solutions for any space
    • Durable and cost effective solutions
    • Customised Designs