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Warehouse Traffic Management & Protection Systems

For safe traffic management we supply and install traffic calming bumps, lorry backstops, Armco crash barriers and bollards.

    Traffic Calming Speed Bumps

    Our traffic calming speed bumbs are made from recycled plastic and supplied in 500mm sections. Each yellow and black panel includes reflective tags and is available in 25mm and 75mm heights.

    Lorry Back Stops

    Our lorry backstops are supplied for  buildings, dock levellers, fencing and trailer protection.

    They are bolted to the ground and provide both a highly visible and mechanical stop for trailer wheels.  They are made from HD recycled plastic and have reflective tabs.

    Armco Crash Barriers & Bollards

    Our Armco barriers and bollards protect buildings, machinery, personnel walkways and work areas.

    They are supplied with heavy duty uprights and single, double or triple Armco profiles. The system includes  bright yellow plastic ends and corners.