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Line Marking FAQ

Q. why do we need Line Marking?

A. For warehouse walkways, marshalling lanes, hazard areas, fire door access, ‘5S’ locations and directional traffic flow. Note, it is the responsibility of all companies to make provision for the control and separation of personnel on foot and fork lift traffic wherever possible to minimise risk. There are approx. 1,300 Fork lift incidents in the Uk each year, some 57% of these injuries happen to workers on foot. Defining clear routes for foot traffic is essential for safe working.

Q. Why can’t we paint lines ourselves?

A. You can, but the lines will often need constant replacement due to wear and tear at considerable cost. Heavy machinery for shot blasting/grinding is required to prepare the floor before the preferred system is professionally applied. This will give years of use and eliminate the ned for constant maintenance.

Q. What type of Line marking Systems are available?

A. Many, to suit various applications and life span from a simple one pack epoxy through ultraviolet cured systems to Polyaspartic and Methylmethacrylate. Anti slip, reflective systems and specialist sealers/primers are also available. Go to  for more info.

Q. How is the line marking installed?

A. Externally by spray machine or pouring. Internally with shot blast/diamond grind preparation which is essential to give the selected system a good key.

Q. How durable are the systems?

A. Systems are designed for generally between 2-5 years use, many exceed this subject to the nature of the operation.

Q. How do I order Line Marking?

A. Get in touch! One of our sales managers will help you with your warehouse project. The sales manager can attend your site & conduct a survey, show you examples and give you options on the best solution for your warehouse!