Warehouses are getting increasingly busier and bigger as they are holding more stock than ever before to cope with replenishment requirements. In order to deal with both retail and ecommerce demands, warehouses are also becoming smarter in order to make processes faster and more efficient. As a result, labelling and warehouse floor marking specialist, inotec UK has seen an increasing demand for barcode labels within warehouses.

The use of barcode warehouse labels allows personnel to efficiently log, check and action stored product in the warehouse management system (WMS). The communication through barcodes ensures that product is always counted for, stock levels are accurate and product can be stored and dispatched efficiently.

Barcode warehouse labels can be used in many different areas of the warehouse and inotec offers durable and reliable solutions for all types of environments.

1. Racking & Shelf Barcode Labels

The most popular use of barcode labels within warehouses is racking and shelf labels. Warehouse specialist, inotec, offers barcode label formats for all shelving and racking types including multilevel labels, single location labels and shelf labels. All label formats can be colour coordinated per level to manage high stack racking systems. Additionally, inotec offers complete compatibility with pick-by-voice warehouse systems.

Multilevel labels are available in the format of both upright and cross-beam multilevel barcode labels. Both labels can be colour coded to simplify the management of racking locations. Applied at eye level, it is quick and easy for personnel to find and scan the relevant barcode thus eliminating the need for long-range scanning. This additionally allows the barcodes to be scanned from truck mounted readers which makes locating stock faster and easier for personnel.

Single location and shelf labels can be matched to suit all racking and shelf types. The versatile range of barcode labels can be used for a variety of environments including ambient, freezer and chilled warehouses. Additionally, inotec’s range of barcode labels can be used both indoors and outdoors. With magnetic label options, barcode labels can be moved as necessary when product is moved. For durability, inotec offers a lamination option to ensure your barcode labels are protected from dirt, fading and any other wear and tear which may inhibit the accuracy of barcode readers.

For a more sturdy and durable solution, inotec offers barcode label holders. Applied to flat steel cross beams or shelving lengths, the label holders come with clear PVC covers which protect the labels from dirt, grease and de-facing such as scratching. The covers still allow the barcode labels to be accurately scanned.

2. The Advantages Of Overhead Identification Signs

In addition to racking and shelving labels, inotec also offers a range of hanging sign and overhead identification options. For warehouses where racking shelving labels are not appropriate such as aisles or loading bays, hanging sign solutions are designed for accurate barcode scanning distances up to 15m. Additionally, warehouses with extremely heavy foot and fork lift traffic are unable to use floor barcode solutions. Therefore hanging signs are a more durable option.

Hanging signs are available in both flat and pre-formed angle shapes depending on the needs of the facility. Additionally, inotec offers a range of customised colours, label prints and layouts. The range of hanging sign solutions can also be installed with various fixtures including inotec’s Inorail® system and pole and wire hanging sign systems.

3. Why Floor Identification Labels Could Solve Your Signage Issues

In some facilities, it is not suitable to have either racking or hanging signs for barcode labels. As a result, floor identification solutions have become increasingly popular. Previously though, floor labels have presented a problem for facilities which see high levels of both foot and truck traffic. Damaged or dirty labels can reduce the readability and accuracy of barcode labels. In order to resolve this, inotec has produced a range of extremely durable and hardwearing floor labels which offer a solution for every facility.
Designed for lighter traffic areas, inotec has produced aluminum and undersurface printed polycarbonate floor labels. Both are extremely durable and scratch resistant. In addition to indoor use, inotec’s floor labels can also withstand extreme weather conditions and are water-resistant for outdoor use.

For an extremely durable and hard wearing solution which is resistant to heavy foot and fork lift truck traffic, inotec offers both Floorblock® and Floortag® solutions. The Floorblock® Kits are a rigid aluminium base plate which is screwed directly to the floor. This less permanent solution can be moved as and when required and barcode labels can be replaced when product changes.
The most permanent and durable floor barcode label solution on the market is inotec’s Floortag® system. The extremely hard wearing floor tags are recessed slightly below the floor surface and sealed with a tough polyester resin. This ensures they can withstand the heaviest of truck traffic within warehouses. Furthermore the recess provides extra protection to the barcode label itself guaranteeing accuracy when being scanned; even from fork lift truck height.

4. Resilient Container Barcode Labels

The fourth type of barcode labels used within warehouses and production facilities is container identification labels. As specialists in container labelling, inotec offers both adhesive and in-mould solutions for identifying reusable containers. Labels are printed using the latest in digital technology, offering unlimited colours.

Adhesive labels can be matched to suit any container including plastic, steel or wood. Permanent under-surface printing ensures the labels remain durable and scratch resistant. This guarantees effective handling and rapid accurate readability which is essential for fast processing. Weather-proof, scratch proof, UV and chemicals resistant, inotec’s adhesive labels make an extremely durable and long-lasting solution.

For the food and pharmaceutical industries, hygiene is the number one priority and therefore adhesive labels are not recommended for use. In-mould labels are bonded directly into the surface of plastic containers during the manufacturing process. The bond between label and crate becomes permanent, offering a smooth and edgeless surface which eliminates the risk of contamination behind labels.

5. Asset, Inventory and Security Barcode Labelling For Ecommerce and Storage Facilities

Accurate inventory control is fundamental for busy ecommerce and storage facilities. To simplify this process, inotec has a range of versatile labels which allow for fast and accurate identification during stocktaking.

The range of asset labels include digital print labels, metal labels and ceramic labels. Digital print labels can be personalised with company logos, unlimited colours and serialised barcodes. Under surface printing makes the barcode durable and scratch-proof. Metal labels are an extremely durable option as barcode or QR Code information is photocomposed into the metal. This makes them ideal for outdoor use as they are weather-resistant and long-lasting. Ceramic labels can withstand temperatures up to 1,400◦C making them ideal for ovens, autoclaves and other cleaning and sterilisation processes.

For inventory labels, inotec offers Diotough labels which are manufactured and processed to withstand extreme weather conditions and are fully waterproof. This makes them ideal for hire equipment or outdoor assets as they can be used both inside and outdoors and will withstand weathering.
When using security labels in the warehouse, it is important that they are durable and protected to last. Options include the Lotus finish which uses a special process making it impossible to write over or deface the barcode. Polysafe labels use a special film and are processed so that the label can only be removed in small fragments. For document identification, inotec offers high quality adhesives that can be used on various surfaces.

Your Comprehensive Barcode Warehouse Label Specialists

As specialists in providing and installing durable and long-lasting barcode label solutions, inotec has developed a broad product range to service all warehouses and facilities. If you would like to see how inotec can improve durability and accuracy with barcode labelling within your warehouse, contact inotec UK on 01482 654466 or email info@inotec.co.uk