In its quest to provide ever more reliable RFID labels and tags for its customers, the inotec group has recently invested in a new state of the art UHF RFID/Auto-ID measurement and performance test system.

The new technology is installed at Winckel GmbH, a company the inotec group acquired in January 2021.  The RFID testing system, valued at over £60,000, facilitates the quantifiable performance of RFID labels and tags. This specialised equipment enables inotec to provide its customers with optimal RFID label, chip and antenna solutions based on the exact product and/or operational requirements.

Custom RFID label solutions

The performance of UHF RFID labels and tags can be negatively affected by the substrate it is fixed to and the environment in which it operates.

Absorption, reflection, detuning, and other radio frequency effects decrease the sensitivity of the label or tags. Inotec’s new UHF RFID measurement systems assess the signal range and performance of RFID labels and tags on a selection of hard and soft substrates, such as plastic, wood, fabric and cardboard.

In addition, inotec also tests the label’s performance on specific materials in different conditions, using a variety of laboratory tests, such as pressure washing or excessive wear and tear, and under extreme temperature ranges or adverse environments. From these assessments, inotec can specify the provision of optimal, reliable and robust tailor-made custom RFID label/tag solutions.

Innovative solutions for over 30 years

Inotec is Europe’s premier specialist barcode and Auto ID label company. It has been pioneering new products and long-lasting warehouse identification solutions for more than 30 years, and benefits from its own unique state-of-the-art testing laboratory.

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