Manning Impex, an importer and brand agent for leading South East Asian food products, recently selected inotec UK as its preferred food warehouse identification label supplier. The exotic food importer, based in Camberley, Surrey, placed an order for some 4,000 barcode racking labels and over 1,000 floor identification labels.

The pioneering importer sources products from companies in South East Asia, including Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. It has been supplying branded and authentic oriental food products to trade retailers in the UK and Ireland since 1987.

4000 inotec multilevel labels identify racking locations

The large inotec label order followed the importer’s acquisition of a new warehouse management system designed to improve the operational efficiency of its warehouse. Inotec supplied and fitted 4000 warehouse racking barcode labels. These colour-coded upright and crossbeam multilevel barcode labels are used to identify stock locations, and their installation has significantly improved the company’s stock management performance.

Over 1000 inotec floor identification labels pinpoint palleted products

Additionally, inotec supplied 1068 aluminium and under surface printed polycarbonate floor labels. These barcode floor labels provide easy identification of the palleted packaged food products. Not only are they extremely durable and scratch-resistant to foot traffic, but they will also withstand repeated washing and weathering.

Commenting on the order, inotec UK’s sales director, David Stoker, said: “We were delighted to be selected to help improve the efficiency of Manning Impex’s stock management operations. The materials and manufacturing process used to create our premium labels ensure they can withstand harsh environments and are fully water-resistant. We also use the world’s most consistent and accurate printing processes to guarantee secure and readable labels at all times.”

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