Today’s distribution centres are both automated and highly efficient to meet the ever-rising expectations of rapid order fulfilment. Highly visible overhead signage using barcode technology has a key role to play in these modern facilities.

The ability to easily locate and quickly scan products not only improves inventory management but also facilitates fast, accurate picking to increase product throughput. For those facilities with heavy forklift truck traffic that can damage floor barcode solutions, overhead signs are ideal.

Highly visible overhead signs
With more than 25 years of supplying quality label and identification solutions under its belt, inotec is Europe’s premier barcode and Auto ID label company. Using pre-formed, highly durable hanging signs made from retroreflective material, inotec’s overhead signs can be scanned at over 12 metres high. The robust signs are available in any length, with both layouts and colours that can be customised to match clients’ branding.

As every facility is unique, the inotec team work with you to ascertain the ideal overhead solution to match your individual requirements and budget. Once you’ve decided on the perfect system, inotec’s technical experts mastermind the installation.

There are a variety of hanging options for overhead signage to suit each different type of space:

1. Inostrut®
The Inostrut® system is suspended from the ceiling of the facility to provide a solid and stable platform for overhead signs for bulk locations. It can be adjusted to the ideal height for scanning from both sides (front and back) as each side is presented at a 45 degree angle to the floor.

Being highly visible, this system is ideal for loading docks and platforms. Once the Inostrut® has been fitted with inotec’s durable retro-reflective labels, operators can scan reliably from a distance of up to 15 metres.

2. Hanging sign selections
Single or double sided, flat or angled – there’s an inotec hanging sign for every situation. The range features the most cost effective flat overhead sign made from lightweight yet durable foamex through to pre-formed triangular signs that present the ideal angle for scanning from the ground.

Whichever design is selected you can be assured that inotec overhead signs are robust and designed for fast, accurate scanning.

The benefits of advanced planning
To get the best results it’s important to plan overhead signage as early as possible. Not only will this give you the best solution for this vital aspect of your warehouse fit-out, but it will also minimise the costs involved.

For expert advice on how to get the best overhead signage solution for your business, contact inotec UK on 01482 654466 or email