Barcode security and RFID label specialist, inotec GmbH, has acquired two companies in order to expand and further develop its product offering. As part of its expansion plan, the Neumünster based business will merge the three companies to expand its range of secure barcode and RFID labelling solutions.

The acquisition of both identytag GmbH & Co. KG and Winckel GmbH & Co. KG will enable inotec to offer a broader labelling portfolio, increase production capacity and develop additional product offerings for its European and worldwide markets.

High-quality and intelligent supply chain labelling solutions

Selected for its expertise within the industry, identytag is one of the leading suppliers of RFID identification products in Europe. The company has a strong reputation for providing high-quality and intelligent RFID tags and labels for a wide range of industries and applications. The merger of inotec and identytag will see the development and production of intelligent supply chain labelling solutions for monitoring and collecting movement data.

Winckel is the leading specialist in RFID-based solutions including networking and the intelligent use of movement tracking data within supply chains. With its own specially adapted software and RFID competence centre, the acquisition of Winckel will allow inotec to develop and offer digital supply chain management alongside labelling solutions.

Dr Ulf Sparka, managing director of inotec Barcode Security GmbH explains: “The acquisition of identytag and Winckel will enable our three companies to merge into a specialised developer and producer of intelligent RFID and labelling solutions for supply chains. In addition to identification solutions, we now have the capabilities to advise and assist with complete logistics cycles and production processes, including comprehensive consulting services for the implementation of totally integrated identification solutions.

“The acquisitions build on inotec’s 40 years of barcode and RFID label experience. Looking ahead, we will continue to grow our team of experts to match the increasing demand for high-quality, reliable and unique solutions within the supply chain. This will ensure our committed and specialist employees will be optimally positioned to support our customers in a host of unique challenges in the years ahead.”

David Stocker, sales director of inotec UK concludes: “For the UK market, the acquisition of identytag and Winckel will see inotec greatly increase its production capacity of RFID smart labels.

“With vast experience in the retail, logistics and automotive industries, identytag specialises in low-cost, high-volume label solutions. The greater volume of inlays purchased annually will give inotec’s UK customers access to a larger variety and volume of reliable and market-proven RFID solutions. The new products will complement the high-quality and durable RFID solutions for which inotec is already renowned for. ”