When Georg Utz GmbH was looking for a durable and Auto-ID compatible label for its reusable standard box the company chose inotec’s RFID in-mould label. Working in conjunction with inotec and GS1 Germany, the GS1 SMART-Box was created.

Following its launch this product has set the standard for reusable, standardised containers. It is a box that bridges the gap between production and central retail warehouses – the circular economy of the future.

Smart reusable solutions

Georg Utz was looking for a labelling solution that could be integrated directly into the container during production. The label also had to meet stringent hygiene requirements.

The RFID in-mould label from inotec proved to be the ideal solution for the SMART-Box. It can be used in a wide variety of environments as it contains a barcode, an integrated RFID antenna as well as an RFID chip which is inextricably linked to the container. This not only guarantees permanent identification of the container but also enables multiple reading options, simplifying processes and reducing errors.

Complete security and traceability

The RFID in-mould label used on the GS1 SMART-Box is both robust and secure. The injection moulding process makes the label both tamper-proof and waterproof as well as being resistant to chemicals and UV rays.

As the label containing the chip fuses seamlessly with the container, it is an integral part of the reusable load carrier. Complete traceability, absolute security against manipulation and fast, efficient data transfer are also possible with RFID (Track and Trace).

A reliable partner – inotec

Jochen Wessels, sales manager at Georg Utz GmbH said, “The inotec company has been a reliable and innovative partner of Georg Utz for many years. As the GS1 SMART-Box project is of the utmost importance to us it was clear that we wanted to have inotec at our side as a trustworthy partner.

“The inotec RFID in-mould label is a smart solution which, in combination with the GS1 SMART-Box, sets new standards as a packaging concept.”

For almost 75 years Georg Utz has been providing durable and versatile containers, pallets and trays. Inotec GmbH has become Europe’s premier specialist barcode and Auto-ID label company, consistently providing labelling solutions for more than a quarter of a century.

Together, Georg Utz and inotec have built a partnership that goes back 14 years with both companies building their reputations on creating quality products.

Want More Information?

For more information, please contact inotec UK on 01482 654466 or email info@inotec.co.uk.

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