Whether you’re building a new warehouse or revamping an old one, it’s usually the big money jobs such as flooring, racking, conveying and forklift trucks which are uppermost in your mind. As a result the smaller warehouse features such as barcode labels, signage and line marking are often considered towards the completion of the project, almost as an afterthought – and this can cost you dearly.


Leave it too late and you risk jeopardising your go live date

Line marking, barcode labels and signage, although not top of the expenditure list of a new facility, are absolutely vital to its operation. Getting all the warehouse fitting out jobs done correctly is a time consuming task and therefore the schedule to complete these tasks should be measured in terms of months rather than weeks.

You need to allow sufficient time to select a suitable supplier who can design, produce, install and in the case of barcode labels, test these items with your warehouse management system (WMS). Factoring all of this into the warehouse equation too late can have serious consequences which can even impact the go-live date of the entire facility.

This blog will give you an insight into the reality of the time frames required to complete each aspect of your warehouse barcode labels, signage and line marking. It will also give you helpful tips so that you can avoid the last minute panic associated with trying to get everything done at the eleventh hour, which can prove to be a costly mistake.


Why use a specialist warehouse identification systems provider?

There are a number of advantages to selecting a company which specialises in the warehouse identification systems sector. Using a supplier like inotec UK gives you instant access to experts who can take over handling all aspects of the warehouse operation, from overhead signs to line marking and from racking and shelving labels to floor tags.

Using this type of ‘one stop shop’ business will save you both time and money. You will only be dealing with one company who will project manage the labels, signage and line marking for you. Providing that you’ve given them sufficient lead-time and they have a good reputation, you can be assured that they will make every effort to do the best job for you. They may even employ their own installation teams which gives them a greater degree of control over deadlines and will be a further guarantee of satisfaction for you.

Critical countdown to go live


12 weeks before installation start planning:

Allow 1 week for data file and proofs

Allow 3-4 weeks for production

Installation time: multi-level and low level labels – 2 man team approximately 700 per day

beam labels – 2 man team approximately 1400 per day


Line marking

8 weeks before installation start planning:

Installation time:

2 pack external                                 1,000 metres per day

MMA external                                      500 metres per day

2 pack internal                                     500 metres per day

Ultraviolet cured Rapidshield         250 metres per day


Floor tags

4-5 weeks before installation start planning:

Allow 1 week for data file and proofs

Allow 3-4 weeks for production and installation

Installation time 80 per day


Overhead signs

4 weeks before installation start planning:

Allow 1 week for data file and proofs

Allow 3-4 weeks for production and installation

Installation time: 100 metres of structure per day


It is logistically difficult to install labels whilst the racking is being constructed, but it is possible with sufficient pre-planning. Let your supplier know early whether man up or man down trucks will be used. Man-up trucks require every label to be installed before the system can go live. Man-down trucks scan at low level only so the operation can go live in advance of full label installation.


Line marking options

‘Line marking 2 pack’ requires 24 hours to cure, so although cheaper it is difficult to install during a working week. Rapidshield, a more expensive option, gives a superior finish; however it needs little to no drying time so can be installed during a working week.


Plan warehouse labels, signage and line marking in advance to avoid pitfalls

Naturally every warehouse operation is unique and therefore accurate timing forecasts for completing your signage, labelling and line marking can only be made once your chosen supplier has been briefed with your requirements.


Give yourself adequate time at the start of the process to pick a suitable supplier who is capable of handling everything you need. If you have a large operation, select your supplier 6 months ahead of go live and allow at least 3 months ahead for a medium sized one.


If you plan early for your warehouse barcode labels, signage and line marking rather than panic buying when your warehouse layout is almost complete it will pay dividends down the line. You will not only get a better, more professional job done of your line marking, signage and labels, you will also have time to ensure that on your go-live date all scanning to your WMS works right, first time.