inotec UK prides itself on being a complete warehouse identification systems provider – delivering support for the whole process from initial consultation through to final installation. Throughout years of installation experience, inotec has formed a flexible installation team which understands your business in order to provide the best service. After repeatedly coming across similar installation issues, inotec has developed several methods to keep the installation process as quick, efficient and flexible as possible to avoid any unnecessary downtime.

Planning and Project Management – The Buck Stops Here

Each stage of the warehouse services installation process requires careful, well thought out planning and project management. In order to facilitate this, inotec provides a dedicated contact who manages the project from initial sales enquiry through to installation. This guarantees that you will always have direct communication with the same person throughout the entire project and will always get a response when you need it for any queries or issues.

In order to manage the project as efficiently as possible, inotec’s project managers are flexible and adaptable to accommodate any changes – whether it is at the quotation or installation stage. Deciding which product is best for you and your business is part of the consultation process with inotec. The project managers will work closely with you to understand your business and production processes to ensure that both the product and installation procedures work for all parties.

To manage the installation process, inotec can provide detailed CAD drawings to aid with visualising the completed job. Additionally inotec will work out a project time line, from start to finish, assisting with time management around your business activities and operation hours. This is essential for completing the project to your deadlin

Flexible Installation Process

Every business is different – whether it’s the industry, operational hours or levels of production. Over the years inotec has developed an installation methodology which provides flexibility, speed and consistency. In order to minimise any downtime whilst installing line marking or overhead signs, inotec will work around your operational hours.

If it is essential for your business to continue production during daytime operation hours, inotec can arrange for warehouse services to be installed during unsociable hours or weekends.

Where this is not possible, inotec UK will liaise with your site personnel to agree a workable solution. Usually this consists of your personnel providing inotec with specific areas to complete work whilst causing minimal disruption to production.

New Products for Faster Installation and Longer Lifespan

Inotec UK has a wide range of products for the warehouse. Of course, some product installations, such as line marking, are more time consuming. In a bid to speed up the installation process and minimise downtime, whilst still producing the best result, inotec has invested resources in developing faster curing products.

The introduction of the new ultraviolet cured hybrid systems means that inotec can hand back working areas after an eight hour shift. This is significantly quicker than the traditional Epoxy lines which take 24 hours to cure before you can drive over them. Whilst for some industries, Epoxy lines still serve their purpose, the hybrid systems provide a solution for businesses who cannot afford downtime disruptions during installation.

Not only are the new hybrid systems quicker to cure, but they also offer a longer lifespan against wear and tear. As a result, the line marking will last for additional years compared to traditional paint systems. This reduces further downtime as it is less likely to need to repair or replace them. Investing in a higher quality product, therefore, not only reduces installation times, but also maximises lifespan.

If you are looking to maximise production efficiencies and increase health and safety within your warehouse facility, contact inotec UK on 01482 654466 or email for a consultation with the sales team.